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Big Northern Pike of Lake Nipigon

Opportunities exist on the Lake Nipigon system of catching pike only heard of in fly in destinations. 

  • The average size of pike on lake Nipigon is 30-40".  

  • Northern Pike in the 40"+ range are not uncommon on this system. 

  • With 45" + Pike are all possible on this lake. 

  • Every year there are reports of 50" pike being caught on this lake and we get a few shots each year at ones this big. These sizes are very rare size on any lake anywhere in the world 

Some of the best times to target these pike are in the spring during the post spawn period right after ice out. With opportunities well into the double digits during this time on big fish.  Its more about weeding out the small fish than getting bit. 

In the summer period fish are located in different area's and not quite as concentrated. But the area's we target are more likely to hold bigger fish! 

In towards the fall the pike are getting really thick and powerful.  Drag screaming runs with angry pike who just want to eat.  Trying to pack on the pounds during this time, the pike are super aggressive and provide fun fights on tackle. The average weight of pike this time of year increases as well per length. Big fish in the 40-50" range are possible and they are looking for big meals!!

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