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Our Rates

Below is our rates for 2024 season. Our Rates are typical for a full 8 hours on the water fishing time, outside the travel times. We can extend the service hours upon request to the guide working that day.  We strive to provide the best for our clients.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and paid in Cash full, which is our preferred method of payment.  Although we do accept US currency as well. We will provide that days exchange rate upon receiving payment. We don’t charge conversion fees.  

IMPORTANT: We require 100$ deposit (Non-Refundable) for each day booked. Required due to possible no shows which we could have booked other clients, with our busy schedules.  

Remainder of amount owed is due on the day of the trip, paid in CASH. 

A large PDF file will be sent to clients once a deposit is received. The PDF will go over every detail for the day, the lures, flies, rods, reels, line and everything that is needed for the day.  This document is extensive document and is a great outline for the days success. 


Full Day Boat Guiding for Brook Trout



2 Anglers:  $800 Cdn per 8-9 hour  day + ($100) per additional person, 3 max.

1 Angler:    $725 Cdn per 8-9 hour day.

Fishing out of the boat for the day will be out of a 21' Pro Multi-Species Boat with a 250hp motor. With all the recent top of the line electronics. Active Target 2 forward facing sonar, HD Structure Scan, 3D, SI/DI imaging and three Downriggers.  The 21' boat has the most versatility of any setup out there and can offer all types of fishing needed for these bodies of water. It has the ability to access more untouched water, and get out further than other 16' guide boats. All this being offered, provides the best bang for your buck compared to prices out there with a small, more minimalist setup and restricted to small sheltered areas to fish. 

The waters we fish. Even with all the changing conditions. We almost never have to cancel for weather, we have options to pick other sections of the system to fish that’s got great water and sheltered from most elements when they occur.   Can fish in anything but thunderstorms and hurricane winds. 

***  With Recent Fuel costs skyrocketing with a big Fuel Tank (189L), unfortunately we've had to increase prices. They're forecasting $2.5/L this upcoming summer. Another 23% fuel hike April 1st. This and other operating costs have become alot higher. We've tried to keep the increase as minimal as possible while trying to keep it more affordable for clients.

*** Prices do not Include Gratuities or fishing Licences. 

*** Remainder of the Bill is due in CASH on the last day.  We do not have credit card machines or ATM's in the bush.  There is no         service out there.

-In order to secure bookings for the year.  Please try to secure a date with a deposit by Feb/March of that year as we get booked up solid for the season. Please check back with us 1-3 weeks in advance of the dates you were looking at, as cancellations do happen from time to time. 

Lunches not included. see FAQS page

-We usually meet clients at one of the launches for the day. 

We do occasional bring Photography and video gear on board when room allows. Pro Mirrorless Camera and Go Pro's.

To get a few good chance at some big brook trout we usually suggest booking 2-3 days. This gives you good opportunities and will take into account if Mother Nature throws a wrench or two into your plans with some bad weather or low pressure systems coming through. 

We work with other guides in the area if you require trips for a larger groups using multiple boats.  Or even if we can't fit you into our schedule.  Please secure these dates far enough in advance in order for us to organize these kind of trips. 

Additional Options


Camping out on one of the Lake Nipigon islands is an amazing experience. It saves you the expense of motel rooms in Nipigon or Red Rock each night. It saves your guide gas and commuting time each day, which in turn they will provide a longer day on the water for you, no extra charge. It's a win, win.  Some camping spots you can even fish from shore.  

Stoves, cookware, utinsels, tables, propane, water, generator, Fuel, Basic disposables are all provided.  All you need is Clothing, food and coolers.  Tents, Bags, pads, can all be provided as well but most people prefer to bring their own.  Contact us further to iron out the details on tents and even meal plans.  We prefer at least a three night or more trip to make it feasible for your guide.  

* We require four days or more for camping. 



1000$ (2 person) + (100$) per additional person. Max 4. Typically 12-13hrs



$450 cdn for 8hrs.

-Prices may vary depending on drive times, what rivers are fishable, and if the fish are even in the rivers. The rivers may not be fishable at certain times of the year or Out of Season. Please contact ahead of time to see if walk and wade is possible. 

*The Nipigon River is not a walk and wade river.  It is boat access only. 

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The Lake

Anywhere from Late May to Mid September is really good on Lake Nipigon.  The habitat preferences change throughout the season but action stays great. 

Lake Nipigon is great all season long. Big Brook trout, Lake Trout and Northern Pike are all a possibility on this giant lake. 

The River:

Most like to book in June for the river bite. Late May right up until to Mid Sept at closer is great.  The biggest factor in success of this system is      1.Fishing pressure    2.Barometric Pressure.           Outside those two factors we can't control the river maintains its good fishing throughout the whole season.  Ask us when's a great time to book outside the high fishing pressure time.  

Depending on Species certain times of the year can be amazing for fishing.  Give us message and we'll help you set up a time to book!

But the Nipigon doesn’t give up her secrets so easily. This large watershed has sent more anglers home empty-handed than most fishing shows will admit! Even filming 6 days for one 20min segment. 

Knowing where to go, when to go, and what to look for can really make a difference. Thats why booking with a guide will put you in the best opportunities you'll have on this system.

*Also this system has a lot of Hazards, None that are marked. You must be able to navigate this system properly. Best way to learn is from a guide. There are several boats every year that take their lower ends off or worse. They are left stranded on the Lake/River and put in perilous situations. 

**There are NO maps for this system and very little to no Cell Phone coverage. 


Common Queries

Answers to All Your Queries

Do you really FlyFish and are certified Fly guides?

Yes we are certified fly guides over 11 years and we've been fly fishing for over 20 years.  

In this area we unfortunately do have alot of guides who will tell customers they take Fly Anglers out but not tell them they don't do it and really are truly beginners themselves. Can't cast themselves, let alone instruct. This is an area for that truly requires a good fly guide. It's not easy water.     We have alot of anglers each year who book us, when the year before they were taken out by a guide who doesn't fly fish.  Then we get pointed out on the water, "thats who you want to take out". 

Wether you book with us or someone else that we can recommend.  Here's a few questions to ask a guide!!

- Do they tie their own flies or buy them? We can't buy local patterns, the ones we can buy are undersized cheap bronze hooks that bend out, overpriced, fall apart, and don't have enough hook gap for purchase. 

-What line size/ rods do you use?  If anything below a 8wt, run, they're killing fish to exhaustion and don't have the required gear to turn over flies needed. Don't run the right fly lines to get into fish.  An attached PDF on exact specs will be sent once a deposit is made. 

-Do they know what an articulated streamer is? Do they use 7" long hair on a 7/0 hook for pike?  No and long hair,  run the other way.  No knowledge on hook setback and hollow tying flies to create size without all the bulk to be able to cast. 

More Info on how to Vet a guide in the area?

We get asked every year how do I go about getting a good local guide in the area. Wether you book us or one of our qualified guide partners, we work with. Here's a few questions to ask. 

-Do you live in the area? Year Round? Some guides don't and only come up here once or twice a year for a week of bookings at a time.  Some will lie about it.  They're not continually on the water. They don't have daily conditions, crowds updates, hatches, what's fishing well. etc.  Getting a local guide will put you up for better chances on getting fish.   A local is on the water even during down times and free fishing.  Exploring more waters and techniques to give your more of a repertoire when you come to hook into those fish. 

-How many years guiding?   Hard one to vet and some will stretch the truth if only at it for 1-4 years.  

-How many fish to expect a day? This isn't numbers fishery. So anything near or into the double digits they're lying to you. 

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