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Lake Trout Fishing

Fishing for Big Lake Trout on Lake Nipigon

Another option besides targeting only big Brook trout in the Nipigon system, Is targeting the Big Lake trout.  The average size is 5-15lbs on the big lake. In certain bays 1 in 30 can be over the size of 30lbs.  As well to top it off, 40-50lb Lake Trout have been caught from Lake Nipigon. No where else is there a drive to location like this.



Lake Trout fishing in this lake offers some of the best chances at catching Big Fish like this 40lb giant without having to spend thousands on an expensive fly in.


Fall Laker Fishing

 Lakers can be targeted but its depends on the accessibility of areas and winds this time year. 1 out of every 10 days may be fishable.  Please contact us for more details to figure out more options and details surrounding that time frame. We can discuss how we go about it, and the best way to do it. Targeting these lakers can be an absolute incredible battle.


Spring Time Lakers

A good time to target the lakers is in the spring time. The lakers aren't necessarily restricted to the deep by the warm waters of the late spring to summer. Sometimes you can get lakers shallow. There is also a bunch in the mid depth to the deep this time of year as well. All techniques and areas are good!


Double Header



Spring Time






What a nice Pair



a 40lb Giant


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