Here at A.M.-P.M. Guide Service we promote Catch and Release on all species.  This helps ensure survival our trophy class fisheries for years to come.  If clients wish to have a shore lunch and/or keep fish.  The species must be within their daily/possession limit. 


The River

The Legendary Stats:

Nipigon System Facts:

Flows from Lake Nipigon to Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior

3 Dams

  1. Alexander Dam (1930)

  2. Cameron Falls Dam (1918)

  3. Pine Portage (1950)

  4. Virgin Falls Dam (1925) Decommisioned.

Nipigon River is 48km (30 miles) long

Width 50-200m

Famous for World Record Brook Trout Caught in 1915 by Dr.Cook, Rabbit Falls

Species: Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon, Whitefish, Burbot(ling), Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch and Walleye.

The Nipigon River is supplied by Lake Nipigon (largest freshwater inland lake solely in Ontario). Being approximately 48 km (30 mi) long and 50 to 200 m (165 to 656 ft) wide, there is a lot of water to fish. The Nipigon runs over three hydro-electric dams before being emptied into Lake Superior in Nipigon Bay at the community of Nipigon.

Fishing The River:

Being host to the world renown monster Brook Trout fishing throughout the whole Nipigon system. From Lake Superior with its coasters, all the way up to Lake Nipigon with its share of monster Brookies and everywhere in between.  3-6 lb Brookies are a fairly common occurrence when fishing the watershed. Check out the photo’s page.

Spring time in the Nipigon River and other local tributaries play host to runs of steelhead (lake-run rainbow trout) from Superior and all the way up to the Alexander dam on the mighty Nipigon. We also receive a run of lakers in the spring time with incredible catch rates.  Also present this time of year we can encounter Brookies, Lakers, resident rainbows. The River has also been known to cough up the rare salmon (springer) during the spring months.

Like all times of the year in the summer you can encounter all types of fish. From From Big Pike to trophy sized walleye. Early summer with the last remnants of the Steelhead, to the permanent residents on the river, Brookies, and Rainbow. When mid August hits, she receives the annual fall run of Chinook and Coho. The  pink salmon run up the river as well and are stronger in odd years.  Fish that migrate up the river to spawn are able to get to the first dam. Located approximately 24km or 15miles from the mouth of the river system.

After labour day sections of the river close to the public for fishing to protect the spawning runs of fish. This helps protect the trophy brook trout quality of fish in the river. Lake Nipigon has 2 more weeks open for brook trout, and the lower river section has angling opportunities for other species. Lake trout remains open til the end of the month.

In the Fall we receive runs of chinook and coho salmon. Chinook start in mid-august to the peak in 3rd week of September. Throughout September coho start to trickle in and run well in November.  In October we start to receive the false run of Steelhead.  Days in October and November you can be the only boat on the water with all the locals hunting.

With such a diverse species profile reaching monster weights, you can see why the Nipigon System is famous.  We promote catch and release to help protect the trophy quality of our fishing. Ensuring this resource stays like this for years to come!


Regs and Species Timing

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    Their are special regulations in place fo the Nipigon River System including Lake Nipigon, Nipigon River and Lake Superior. Please be aware of these before coming on a trip. 




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