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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

What is their for accommodation around the area?


Camping out on one of the Lake Nipigon islands is an amazing experience. It saves you the expense of motel rooms in Nipigon or Red Rock each night. It saves your guide gas and commuting time each day, which in turn they will provide a longer day on the water for you no charge. It's a win, win.  Some of the spots you can even fish from shore.  

Stoves, cookware, utinsels, tables, propane, water, generator, Fuel, Basic disposables are all provided.  All you need is Clothing, food and coolers.  Tents, Bags, pads, can all be provided as well but most people prefer to bring their own.  Contact us further to iron out the details on tents and even meal plans can be ironed out as well.  We prefer at least a three night trip to make it feasible for your guide. 

Motels in Nipigon: 

Option for clients is to book a motel room in Nipigon at one of the fine establishments available there.  If your used to more amenities than a rustic cabin on a lake. Then Nipigon has the showers and high end sleeping accommodations your looking for.


Beaver Motel 

Birchville Motel 

Town and Country Motel


Locking Horns

Nipigon Travler's Motel

Towing a Trailer:

For those of you towing a Trailer, Camper or just want to Tent it.  These two places you can set you up for a fee. 

Nipigon Marina

Stillwater Tent and Trailer Park:

There is also alot of crown land nearby to camp on. Just ask Where a good spot is.  Some good spots get taken up early. 

What is it that you supply for the day on water?

What we supply:
-Transportation to and from the river for the day if needed
-Boats to fish out of and the boating supplies. 
-We generally give advice for flies/ lures to bring beforehand.  We will provide if needed. 
-Life Jackets
-Sometimes we may bring out a DSLR and a Go Pro to capture the moment.

What Should I Bring?

Clients are responsible for:  

-Fishing Gear incl. (set ups with appropriate lines, flies/lures, accessories)


Appropriate clothing: 

-designed for ‘Layering’ for all weather conditions. The north wind on the Nipigon can be downright cold even during the summer. 

-Polar fleece pullover/ or Down mid-weight Jacket and in mid layer Pants as well

-Moisture Wicking BaseLayers: Polypropelene/merino wool


-Wool Socks

-Warm Hate

-Quality Goretex Raingear:

-Waterproof boots for around the boat and waters edge

-Uv Buff, Headband or just sunscreen

- Polarized Sunglasses

-Day/Travel  Dry Bag

-Fishing Vests/Box with appropriate tackle.


-Sunscreen, bug dope

-Camera (preferably waterproof)

-Food for the day and water


What rod setups to bring and flies should I tie?

After every deposit made and confirmed booking, we send out a welcome package outlining everything about the trip for clients. This includes lure/flies, equipment, rods/reel setups, line etc. Its highly detailed and provides answers to all your questions for the upcoming trip.

Are there hazards on this body of water?

Yes there are. 

*This system has a lot of Hazards,  None of them are marked. You must be able to navigate this system properly. Best way to learn is from a guide. There are several boats every year that take their lower ends off or worse. They are left stranded on the Lake/River and put in perilous situations. 

**There are NO maps for this system and very little to no Cell Phone coverage. 

** If bringing your own boat, please be very careful and safe. No fish is worth your life!

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