Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

What is their for accommodation around the area?

Motels in Nipigon: 

Option for clients is to book a motel room in Nipigon at one of the fine establishments available there.  If your used to more amenities than a rustic cabin on a lake. Then Nipigon has the showers and high end sleeping accommodations your looking for.


Beaver Motel 

Birchville Motel 

Town and Country Motel


Locking Horns

Nipigon Travler's Motel

Towing a Trailer:

For those of you towing a Trailer, Camper or just want to Tent it.  These two places you can set you up for a fee. 

Nipigon Marina

Stillwater Tent and Trailer Park:

Their is also alot of crown land nearby to camp on. 

What is it that you supply for the day on water?

What we supply:
-Transportation to and from the river for the day if needed
-Boats to fish out of and the boating supplies. 
-We generally give advice for flies/ lures to bring beforehand.  We will provide if needed. 
-Life Jackets
-Sometimes we may bring out a DSLR and a Go Pro to capture the moment.

What Should I Bring?

Clients are responsible for:  

-Fishing Gear incl. (set ups with appropriate lines, flies/lures, accessories)


Appropriate clothing: 

-designed for ‘Layering’ for all weather conditions. The north wind on the Nipigon can be downright cold even during the summer. 

-Polar fleece pullover/ or Down mid-weight Jacket and in mid layer Pants as well

-Moisture Wicking BaseLayers: Polypropelene/merino wool


-Wool Socks

-Warm Hate

-Quality Goretex Raingear:

-Waterproof boots for around the boat and waters edge

-Uv Buff, Headband or just sunscreen

- Polarized Sunglasses

-Day/Travel  Dry Bag

-Fishing Vests/Box with appropriate tackle.


-Sunscreen, bug dope

-Camera (preferably waterproof)

-Food for the day and water


What rod setups and flies should I tie or bring?

After every deposit made and confirmed booking, we send out a welcome package outlining everything about the trip for clients. This includes lure/flies, equipment, rods/reel setups, line etc. Its highly detailed and provides answers to all your questions for the upcoming trip.